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5 pieces of gear you must have when you are riding a motorcycle

It can be dangerous riding a bike. Research confirms that it is 33 times more dangerous than riding a car. Manufacturers have come up with various gears that can protect a rider during accidents. Here are five essential pieces of gear that every rider must wear.


The first thing you should wear is a helmet. In many places, it is mandatory to wear a helmet. A helmet protects your face if there is an accident. When you are riding fast, bugs may hit your face and distract you. A helmet will protect you from these bugs. Many helmets have Bluetooth capability and speakers that are installed. You can buy other kits too to fit on a helmet. Using Bluetooth, you can answer phone calls or listen to music.

Leather gloves

If there is an accident, you will probably extend your hand to protect yourself. So, without gloves, you might break your bones or lose skin. Besides protecting you in a time of the accident, motorcycle gloves look awesome. They protect your hands from the wind as well. You can also find gloves that will keep you cool in summer.

Motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jacket will keep you warm in the cold weather. If you end up in a crash, your skin will be protected because of this motorcycle jacket.

Motorcycle boots

It provides traction and protects the small bones in your feet during a crash. You must make sure that your motorcycle boots are sturdy and have over the ankle protection.

Motorcycle pants

Wearing motorcycle pants can save your knees in case of an accident. Many people think jeans will provide good protection, but it’s not true. Jeans are cotton, and cotton is weak. So, you need to wear motorcycle pants when you are going on a ride.

Don’t think any of these gears to be unimportant. You must wear each of these gears so that your body has less injury in the event of an accident.