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How to ride longer wheelies

The word, ‘wheelie’, describes a stunt, done, not always by professional stunt men, on a bicycle or motorcycle, where the front wheel is lifted high from the ground, and then riding said bike, like this.

Wheelies are really dangerous, and needs lots of practice.

It can also be quite costly.  Insurance do not cover damages caused by unsafe riding.

5 Actions, 1, 2, 3…, to get you started on wheelies

It is best to learn wheelies on a smaller bike.  You do not need a lot of power to get to lift off.

It all lies in Technique.

  1. Sit comfortably on the bike. You can sit upright and do not need to slide back for this trick.
  2. Drive at a steady pace. Your speed should be around 10 – 20 miles per hour, or 1500 – 2000 revs per minute.  You are not trying to build up speed.  Starting the wheelie at low RPM is very important.
  3. When you are ready for lift off, quickly open up the throttle at full, and accelerate. This action compresses the rear suspension, which is very important.  You cannot clutch a wheelie without compressing the rear suspension.
  4. Immediately after acceleration, pull clutch in enough to disengage. Let the engine rev counts up to about 6000 RPM.  Eventually this becomes an instantaneous action.
  5. Quickly release the clutch at about 80%. This is the difficult part.  You have to release the clutch fast, but not too fast.  If you got it right, your front wheel will feel like it has hydraulics in, and it will pop right up.

Now, the front wheel is up.  How do you keep it up?

You shift.

To do a Clutchless shift; apply upward pressure on the shift lever while on full gas, then just briefly snap the throttle off, and on again.

With the back wheel on the ground, you have to get the front wheel really high, to the point just before tipping over.  At this point, you shift.

The launch is not the most difficult part to get right in doing a wheelie.

When your front wheel is way up, the RPM’s run at about 8000 with the throttle full on, you need to find your balance.  You need to cover your rear brake, in case of going to high.

Standing up will help you get to the balance point easier.  Standing up does not take as much effort in holding your body in place.  Another reason is that your legs are better balance sensors than your behind, when sitting down.

When you cannot see over the bike, you are close to the balance point.

3 Tips to eventually get you to do Longer Wheelies

  1. The front wheel acts as a Gyro to keep it straight. Do not hit the brake, keep it spinning.
  2. The clutch only needs a little bit of pressure.
  3. Use the rear brake to find and keep balance.

Remember the importance of the balance point; throttle control and covering the back brake.  You cannot let go of the throttle or the clutch.

Most important is, the Higher your front wheel, the longer the wheelie will last.

To master all these actions and the perfect wheelie technique, all depends on practice.

And more practice.

Top 6 most expensive motorcycles ever sold at auction

You will find it difficult to believe how much money people spend on buying bikes. The buyers of these expensive bikes are not only experienced riders. Motorcycle enthusiasts also like to spend money on having such a precious thing in their possession. Here, we discuss the top six most expensive motorcycles ever sold at auction.

1. ‘Captain America’ Harley-Davidson Panhead

Actor Peter Fonda rode this bike in the movie ‘Easy Rider’ which was released in 1969. This bike was sold for $1.62 million. This bike was originally owned by the police. Later, it was sold to the film studio for only $500. The bike was customized at the set of the movie. The bike has a forward-angled front wheel and handlebars, teardrop-shaped gas tank and fishtail exhaust pipes.


2. 1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer

This Hollywood Cyclone was sold for $852,500 at auction in Las Vegas. It was owned by the movie legend Steve McQueen until his death in 1980. This motorcycle was a rare piece. There are only 12 cyclones that have been resurfaced over the years. The bike as 986cc engine which produces 45 horsepower maximum output. It was recorded in1915 that Cyclone can reach 115pmh.


3. 1907 Harley-Davidson Strap Tank

This bike was sold recently for $715,000. The concept of Strap Tank was first discovered in 1901 by the three Davidson brothers. This bike is from 1907 and is the 94th bike made by Harley-Davidson. It was bought from the Leo Bongers estate in 1993.


4. 1910 Winchester 6 HP

It was sold at an auction for $580,000 in 2013. The bike has a six HP engine, direct belt-drive and total-loss battery ignition system.


5. 1929 Brough Superior SS100 ‘Alpine Grand Sports.’

The bike is named after the event ‘the Alpine Trial’. It was sold for £315,000 in 2014. This bike won six trophies. The bike was introduced to the market in 1926 with a lower compression ratio so that it’s appropriate for touring.


6. 1939 BMW RS255 Kompressor

This bike was auctioned by Bonhams in Las Vegas in 2013. It was previously owned by BMW works rider Walter Zeller. The bike was built as a private project in the 1980s with parts that are sourced from the BMW factory. It was finally sold for $480,000. In 1939 Grand Prix season, rider George Meier made records with this bike and won the road race.


All these bikes have different unique features that attracted the buyers to purchase these at such a high price. These bikes are vintage and very rare to find. All these bikes have a historically significant, and that’s why they are so special.

5 pieces of gear you must have when you are riding a motorcycle

It can be dangerous riding a bike. Research confirms that it is 33 times more dangerous than riding a car. Manufacturers have come up with various gears that can protect a rider during accidents. Here are five essential pieces of gear that every rider must wear.


The first thing you should wear is a helmet. In many places, it is mandatory to wear a helmet. A helmet protects your face if there is an accident. When you are riding fast, bugs may hit your face and distract you. A helmet will protect you from these bugs. Many helmets have Bluetooth capability and speakers that are installed. You can buy other kits too to fit on a helmet. Using Bluetooth, you can answer phone calls or listen to music.

Leather gloves

If there is an accident, you will probably extend your hand to protect yourself. So, without gloves, you might break your bones or lose skin. Besides protecting you in a time of the accident, motorcycle gloves look awesome. They protect your hands from the wind as well. You can also find gloves that will keep you cool in summer.

Motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jacket will keep you warm in the cold weather. If you end up in a crash, your skin will be protected because of this motorcycle jacket.

Motorcycle boots

It provides traction and protects the small bones in your feet during a crash. You must make sure that your motorcycle boots are sturdy and have over the ankle protection.

Motorcycle pants

Wearing motorcycle pants can save your knees in case of an accident. Many people think jeans will provide good protection, but it’s not true. Jeans are cotton, and cotton is weak. So, you need to wear motorcycle pants when you are going on a ride.

Don’t think any of these gears to be unimportant. You must wear each of these gears so that your body has less injury in the event of an accident.


5 best bikes of this year for getting a thrill ride

This year, some awesome bikes have been introduced. These bikes have full electronic control. Here is our pick of the best 4 bikes of this year.



It has very powerful engines and the latest electronics. It has an unparalleled combination of strong brakes and great suspension. You will have a fast riding experience due to its comprehensive electronics package. By riding this bike, you will get a feeling of excellence on both street and track.

Honda Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR


You will hardly find any imperfections in this model. Its engine and brakes are strong. It is an open-class machine that will simply take your breath away not only with the appearance but the on-road performance as well. You would never think of a Honda dealer to sell a bike that runs with the likes of KTM and the best from Yamaha, but we dare say this is the best combination of speed and good manners for a beginning rider that we can recommend at this time.

Yamaha XSR900


It has the current technology trends. The look of the bike is very attractive with refined multi-mode power delivery profiles, ABS brakes, improved sporting suspension calibration, etc. It offers excellent versatility.

KTM 390 Duke


This bike is very comfortable to ride. It is lightweight and compact. These are very sought after qualities for any rider. It has great power that makes expert-level riders to ride as well.

Triumph Street Twin


It has a new power curve which makes it worth riding. It is louder than Thruxton R and looks like an extension of a vintage Triumph.

With all these exciting bikes this year in the market, riders will have an excellent time on the road and track as well. All these bikes are fast, so get ready for the thrill ride!

4 tips to become a competent motorcycle rider

You need to practice to become a skilled bike rider. There are techniques you need to learn. But most importantly, you must have certain personality traits to be a good bike rider. Here are some tips to be an excellent bike rider.

Stay calm and think fast

Experienced riders don’t get excited. If you get excited, you will make mistakes. You should be ahead of a situation always. You should scan the road and look out for the intersections.You must monitor the behavior of other traffic as well.

Be instinctive and patient

During any unanticipated event, an experienced driver will know how to handle the situation. He can make sudden corrections without thinking much. Most of the mistakes happen when riders are in a hurry. They often try to pass a car or try to beat a red light. But an experienced driver won’t do such things. They will be patient.

Try variety

Experienced riders seek out all kinds of different riding challenges, from long open stretches of twisty mountain roads. They try different bikes and riding styles. By learning a variety of things, you will feel much confidence riding.


You should study about bikes, their gears, riding techniques, etc. The more you study, the more you will be comfortable riding. You can put your knowledge into practice by trying out new things.

Use these suggestions and soon you will become an expert motorcyclist. You must practice riding always. The more you practice, the more experienced you will become.