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Top 6 most expensive motorcycles ever sold at auction

You will find it difficult to believe how much money people spend on buying bikes. The buyers of these expensive bikes are not only experienced riders. Motorcycle enthusiasts also like to spend money on having such a precious thing in their possession. Here, we discuss the top six most expensive motorcycles ever sold at auction.

1. ‘Captain America’ Harley-Davidson Panhead

Actor Peter Fonda rode this bike in the movie ‘Easy Rider’ which was released in 1969. This bike was sold for $1.62 million. This bike was originally owned by the police. Later, it was sold to the film studio for only $500. The bike was customized at the set of the movie. The bike has a forward-angled front wheel and handlebars, teardrop-shaped gas tank and fishtail exhaust pipes.


2. 1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer

This Hollywood Cyclone was sold for $852,500 at auction in Las Vegas. It was owned by the movie legend Steve McQueen until his death in 1980. This motorcycle was a rare piece. There are only 12 cyclones that have been resurfaced over the years. The bike as 986cc engine which produces 45 horsepower maximum output. It was recorded in1915 that Cyclone can reach 115pmh.


3. 1907 Harley-Davidson Strap Tank

This bike was sold recently for $715,000. The concept of Strap Tank was first discovered in 1901 by the three Davidson brothers. This bike is from 1907 and is the 94th bike made by Harley-Davidson. It was bought from the Leo Bongers estate in 1993.


4. 1910 Winchester 6 HP

It was sold at an auction for $580,000 in 2013. The bike has a six HP engine, direct belt-drive and total-loss battery ignition system.


5. 1929 Brough Superior SS100 ‘Alpine Grand Sports.’

The bike is named after the event ‘the Alpine Trial’. It was sold for £315,000 in 2014. This bike won six trophies. The bike was introduced to the market in 1926 with a lower compression ratio so that it’s appropriate for touring.


6. 1939 BMW RS255 Kompressor

This bike was auctioned by Bonhams in Las Vegas in 2013. It was previously owned by BMW works rider Walter Zeller. The bike was built as a private project in the 1980s with parts that are sourced from the BMW factory. It was finally sold for $480,000. In 1939 Grand Prix season, rider George Meier made records with this bike and won the road race.


All these bikes have different unique features that attracted the buyers to purchase these at such a high price. These bikes are vintage and very rare to find. All these bikes have a historically significant, and that’s why they are so special.