Precise Technical Riding

We are a team of dedicated professionals and we provide useful drills


We offer classes in four levels. We also provide private coaching. Each level teaches precise technical riding skills. Here are the things that are taught at each level.

Level 1

In this class, you will know about the most common errors and the riders make. There will be technical briefings and off track drills. There will be an assigned coach for the day. He will observe and correct any difficulties. You will be trained according to your skill level. Fears that most bikers face like finding good lines or bike stability will be addressed in this class.

Level 2

In this class, you will learn to sharpen your visual skills. You will learn to find solutions to the problems that you face with your eyes. There will be visual drills that will put you in control of the road.

Level 3

This class is about how you interface with your bike. You will learn about your body position choices and how it can affect the cornering process. You will learn how to use your body weight to influence what the bike can do. You will also learn how to control the stability of the motorcycle. There will be five drills in this class.

Level 4

This course is tailored for each rider. We notice your skills and train you up to fulfill your lackings. There will be an on-track coach and an off-track consultant to teach you. Your riding will be recorded and analyzed.

Private Coaching

You will get one-to-one training by our senior riding coach. This is an in-depth course that will address your specific needs and will lead to significant improvements.

Visit us and let us see you drive. We can then tell you which class will be suitable for you. Write to us to know more details about the courses, their fees, and timings.